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The Permission Slip

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Hello, my name is Mary-Catherine. I have been working on creating content that supports you holistically. We are talking mind, body, spirit! Add in a bunch of fun and the Permission Slip was born! 

Why The Permission Slip? 

I feel at the core of it sometimes we are looking for permission to do what we truly want to do! So I am not only doing it for you but for me, too! This is my own permission slip! I found I was looking for permission to write the family blog on my website. I found I was looking for permission to create a Dowsing business. Even when I speak with my friends and acquaintances they say they feel they need permission. I always stop them and say I give you permission!  DO IT! Whatever it is! Do IT!  


Each month I will include things that inspire me! From a favorite recipe, fun playlist, or book recommendation. I am hoping for this to add value to your life not to take up space in your inbox! 

I hope you will join me each month for fun and adventure! Sign up now! 

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