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Unlocking the Mysteries of Your Child with Human Design

Human Design, have you heard about it? Well, if you haven’t, don’t worry, I had not heard of it till a few months ago. My good friend Nea Clare discovered it, and off we went down the rabbit hole. But in this case, it was a fun adventure where we unlocked some of the mysteries about ourselves. Well, I won’t speak for Nea, but I discovered things about myself could have definitely brought more peace had I known about them in college. Let’s just say I wouldn’t have been so hard on myself had I known what I know now.

I had a reading done with Jacyln Michelle, a Human Design reader, and all-around cool person. As I was getting my chart read by her, I couldn’t shake the feeling that we needed to do an interview and chat about all things human design with children and families in mind. Also, I feel like reading is the wrong word. Reading makes it sound like anyone could read their chart. I am not saying you couldn’t, but it does take some extensive learning to do what she does. She is so knowledgable and used to be a teacher. I love this because she has ways of bringing clarity to your life that you may or may not have seen before without judgment.

Jacyln and I dove into Human Design together to help educate and pique your curiosity on how this can help you in your life and in understanding your children or your partners. I warn you once you start, you might just get sucked in. I know I certainly have been.

I would love to hear your thoughts on our deep dive. Let me know in the comments or click the like button. Your engagement helps me gauge if you all would like more of this kind of content. I genuinely love doing this research for you all. I see it as a way for you to discover new ideas without having to do all the groundwork first.

In this interview, Jaclyn mentions where to get a free print out of your chart I have linked it here.

Also, because Jaclyn is fantastic, she had given you all 20% a few of her services.

Use code MYCHILDHD to receive 20% off on 1:1 readings, the bundle 1:1 reading (more extensive deep dive), or comparative chart analysis.

Here is a direct link to Jaclyn Michelle's Website!

As always, take time to take chances, make mistakes, and get messy!

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