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Trick or Treat Scavenger Hunt! Covid style!

Three children having fun with candy and pumpkins dressed up for Halloween

Trick Or Treat Scavenger Hunt

Trick or Treating is probably going to look a little different this year, thank you covid. Fear Not! I am one of those who like to think on their feet and find fun, easy, creative solutions for kids and parents. When it comes down to trick or treating, it is about finding candy and dressing up! If you live in Minnesota usually winter coats are involved which wrecks your whole outfit but who doesn't love candy or treats? This year, depending on your family and your level of lockdown, going door to door for free candy might not be the best move. Here are a few ideas I came up with from the low key easy to the more involved ways to find candy. I will go from easy to more complicated, so feel free to drop off once you find the level you like!

Level One! Easy at-home fun!

Some families hide candy in easter eggs, and kids go searching in the yard for them in the spring! SO here is the Halloween spin-off! Hide candy around your house! Hide it all over the place, make it easy for the little ones, and harder for the older kids. If you are worried about children taking other children’s candy, you can get stickers or cut out shapes to stick to each child’s candy to help them distinguish if it is their's or not. (A great way to introduce a new color or shape for our younger ones.) This is also an excellent time for those who don’t want their children to just have sugar to grab other fun items. My mom was in dentistry; she liked to give out lunch-sized pirates booty, goldfish, and other healthier snacks. You could do slime, bouncy balls, gems, little figures they can play with later, or even new toys for the bathtub! Hey, toss in a caramel apple, why not?!

Level two!

Take this one step farther! Collect clues from around the house to find each treat. (If I were doing this, I think I would have more treats at each spot and have maybe 10 sites to locate.) Each new clue can lead to a new treat spot! They put the treat(s) in their bag and keep ongoing. Then you know when the hunt has ended. You can even have a “pot of gold” or “treasure chest” or “Witch’s pot” at the end of the hunt that is filled with more treats and fun!

Level three!

Building upon these past two ideas, we add in some tricks! This would be for our older children—the ones in middle school or even a little younger. Get in your pantry and pull out the crazy stuff. It could be an old packet of Ramen or a potato! Or if you don’t mind messy moments, get some silly string, a whoopie cushion, or small little goofy items. Just remember, if you think they will drive you crazy using them, pass on it and stick to the pantry stuff. Maybe even throw in some cleaning supplies like sponges, dish soap, toothpaste, a toothbrush, or a hairbrush! I mean, really, you are just trying to “trick” them while also treating them.

Candy Swaps, old school style!

I will give you half of my sandwich if you give me some of your Cheetos. Remember doing this? I do! Do you have a group of parents or family and want to have more variety to your candy selection than just a variety pack of candy from the store? Instead of a Christmas cookie swap, do a candy swap! One person can get the sweet tarts, the other the snickers, the other the goldfish and don’t forget the nerds! Then social distance meet up and do some swapping! That way, you are not stuck buying a billion bags of candy or only having Reese's peanut butter cups and almond joys. You only have to buy one or two bags of candy and then do some old school trading! This is also great for the families with allergies, you have more control over what your child is getting, win-win!

Older Children! Homework?!

Do you have older ones who are too cool for school? Get them involved! Ask them to hide the candy, get them to write the clues, open up their creative brains! If you have middle schoolers, this is a great way to get in some writing and spelling practice without feeling like school. It is also an excellent way for them to practice reading without stress too! See, I even have the education side figured out! Wink, wink!

I can’t wait to see how your Halloween turns out! I hope this inspires you to think a little outside the caldron this year! I may have a few more ideas brewing just for you!

As Miss Frizzle always says, "take chance, make mistakes, and get messy!"

Till next time,

As always, I would love to see what you decide to do for Halloween! We are in this together! Leave a comment on how you are going to be celebrating this spooky time of year! The more ideas, the more fun to be had by all! Feel free to tag me on Facebook and Instagram @intuitivedesignsmc.

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