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The Power of You

I read a quote the other day which I posted to social media. The quote read, “The power of imagination makes us infinite” by John Muir. It lit my insides up. I felt my soul jump to the forefront and look at it. It sparked me. I have been feeling all the feelings under the sun. Happy it is Advent and closer to Christmas, anxious because there is so much I want to and need to do. Sad because I know Christmas will look different but also excited for having something new and different. You name it; I have been feeling it. When I read this quote, I felt all of those feelings fall away. I started genuinely analyzing my imagination and realized I feel most in flow when I am in that state of mind.

This statement inspired me to create a quote photo for social media. As I finished posting this quote, another popped right on in, “the power of action makes us unstoppable.” Of course, I googled it to make sure I had not randomly heard it from someplace but nope, I could not find it. I wrote it out, made it look pretty, and immediately my brain kicks in, ready to overanalyze the situation at hand. Have you ever done that? I know I have. I start by dreaming or using my imagination to begin creating a vision. Then my lovely brain shows up and starts analyzing why or why not this is even possible. Unstoppable is the word my brain began to fixate on as I went down the rabbit hole of indecision. Was there a better word? Could this be sending the wrong message? Are people going to think I am nuts? Who am I to write this and put it out?! Well, once that started, I shut it all down. I created the quote, put my name on it, and let it be.

Something I learned from experiencing COVID was a quote that is now ingrained in me, “Let it go, let it be.” Sounds funny, but when I am pushing myself too hard or trying to force something that just isn’t working out, it pops into my head and stops me. For me, an action meant doing something. What Covid taught me was sometimes the best step is to stop and give it a rest. It will still be there waiting when you are ready to pick it back up.

I get nervous about mentioning having covid or talking about it because I don’t want to romanticize it. You won’t hear me say that the virus will pass over me if my vibration is high enough because I don't believe that. I learned a lot from experiencing the virus. You might be thinking, “Mary where is this going?” My point is You are a powerful being. I want to remind you of the power of you. Imagination is just a concept until you start using it again. Action is just a word until you decide to take it up. Letting something go is just a song until you release it yourself. These three quotes are saying that no matter your circumstance, you are more powerful than you realized. You have more control than you think, and sometimes the first step is to imagine something new. So as you move through December, start playing with your imagination again. What lights you up? What fills you with joy? If that is hard, go back to your childhood. What did you love about this time of the year? For me, it was Ice skating and sledding followed up with hot chocolate at grandma’s house. What am I doing this season? Getting my ice skates out and going skating.

For my doers out there, sometimes resting is an action. You heard me! I used to think that I wouldn’t accomplish it all if I rested or took the time to chill out. What I learned was I was more productive and had a clear flow when I had more rest. I was hyper-focus and accomplished so much more. My third quote is, “Let it go, let it be. It will be there for you when you are ready again.” I think it is the perfect end to this quote series. Use your imagination, take action, then let go, and let be.

This post had a lot in it, but the main takeaway is the power of you! Your mind, your body, your spirit, your imagination, your actions, and your rest.

I hope some part of this resonated with you.

As Miss Frizzle always says, "take chances, make mistakes, and get messy!"

Till next time,

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