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Spray Paint Art for Teens

Age: Teens

Family activity with adult supervision

Indoor and Outdoor Activity

Spray Paint Art with Tape!


  1. A canvas of any size or shape OR Thick heavy paper you can paint on.

  2. Acrylic paint (I recommend acrylic but you can use any type)

  3. Blue Tape or any type of type that will easily peel off. Any size or color is up to you!

  4. Paintbrush or pallet knife

  5. Spray paint! Any color you want!

  6. Cardboard or paper bags


  1. Using your palette knife and or paintbrush paint your canvas! Go wild and have fun.

  2. Let it dry. Acrylic dries very quickly but make sure it is fully dry so your tape doesn't peel off the paint!

  3. Next, create a design with your blue tape. You can do any type of design just know wherever your tape goes the canvas will keep that paint color. Any exposed canvas will be covered up with spray paint! Make sure the tape is firmly pressed down creating clean edges.

  4. Once, all your tape is on to your grab your spray paint and canvas and go outside. layout your paper bags or cardboard outside on the ground. If it is a windy day find a spot where it is not windy such as a garage. If you are doing it in the garage make sure your space is ventilated. The fumes from spray paint are toxic and should not be inhaled.

  5. Lay your canvas face up on the paper bags. Make sure your paper bags or cardboard are larger than your canvas by at least a foot around all sides. You want to spray paint your canvas, not the grass or pavement. Shake up your spray paint and keep 1-2 feet away from the canvas. Cover your canvas with spray paint. Remember spray paint fumes are toxic and should be handled with care!

  6. After your spray paint has dried peel off your blue tape to reveal your new design!

  7. Feel free to tag me in your designs on social media! I will show them off to the world!

Now get creative and have fun!

Here are the steps visually for all my visual learners out there!

Parents! Do you need some new art on your walls? Yes, this activity is for teens but it is also very easy to do with younger children. Put them in some clothes you don’t care about because acrylic paint will not come out of your clothes. Choose paint colors that go with your home and paint the canvas as a family. Remember when you mix red, blue and yellow together you will get a brown muddy color. Go slow, I know from experience that these can quickly turn into mud pictures if all the colors are being spread around together. It has happened to me with a few kidoes. You can help guide them as much as you would like. Then you can place the tape or if you have older children they can do that part too! Then you can spray paint the canvas. You can all pull the tap off as a family once it has finished drying. This is a fun abstract way to paint there is no right or wrong. I love this project because this project allows you to hang art in your home in a new way. This is a great memory for you all to have for years to come. Sometimes we need to turn off the outside world and just have some fun with our families. Art is a great way to do it.

NOTE: If you are not happy with how the spray paint comes out tape it up again and spray paint it again! Or add another spray paint color which will add a whole new dimension to your painting. I was not in love with how this blue painting turned out. I think I would have used less tape but you don't know till you try.

I hope you all have a blast creating these pictures. To save some money on supplies check out coupons for Michael’s and hobby lobby. I know Michaels will usually have canvases on sale which can make this a great way to save. If you have spray paint or paint use it! I am all about repurposing items you already have.

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