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Splash Pad Adventures at Home!

One of my favorite activities to do during the summer with children is going to splash pads. I love going to them because they are free and they are a great way to break up hot summer days. Now with COVID being still very prevalent, I was searching for a way to bring the splash pads home. We have had quite a few 90 degree days and being able to run around even for a little bit outside can help give parents time to chill and children time to get their energy out. Here are a few ideas I found out for you! They do require spending some money but hopefully, you can find deals, or see it as a summer investment that you can use all summer long!

1. A small scale splash pad. Now, I have not personally tried any of these out but I have watched a few video reviews on these and I have heard nothing but positive reviews. You just hook the pad up to the hose and turn on the water. The pad will fill and shoot out water! They range in size and some are even specifically made for smaller toddlers/older babies. Follow this link to the top-rated ones on amazon.

2. Turn on the sprinklers. Or if you don’t have a sprinkling system get out a lawn sprinkler. Yes, it is simple but sometimes that is all you need. I have linked one sprinkler but I have found one that looks fun on amazon. Follow me to the sprinkler!

3. Water gun super soaker fights! I love this one for the whole family. You can even create water fill stations around your yard to help the kids fill up. Get a few tubs and fill with water. When they run out they can go to the fill stations. Sometimes I make those fill stations safe zones meaning if you are filling up you are in the clear. No one can squirt you sometimes it can help stop fights and break downs from those who want to play but need to fill up. For the children who don't like water in there eyes goggles are a great way to help them have fun and keep there eyes clear.

I hope these inspire you to have fun outdoor water moments with your kids or just get it set up so you have some downtime. Press the easy button and let them run around even your grass will thank you!

As Miss Frizzle always says, "take chances, make mistakes, and get messy!"


As always feel free to tag me in your adventures. I would love to see and hear what water activities your family creates! Tag me on Facebook or Instagram @intuitivedesignsmc

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