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Shift Your Life with the Pull of a Thread!

A close up photo of a loom with bright colorful yarn on the loom. There is orange, blue, green and pink shown on the loom. It is ready to be woven into a textile.

A Metaphorical Dream

Have you ever had a vision or a metaphorical dream? It keeps coming to you sometimes randomly and other times on purpose? That has been happening to me lately. It all started with the need to grow tomatoes. Yes, sounds silly, but I have, for a few years, wanted to grow some tomatoes. I ended up getting two tomato plants, a pepper plant, basil, and mint. It became my own little porch garden this summer. Sometimes, what I want feels random to me, but I follow through despite logic. In this case, my own small garden was formed on my deck at home.

The Graden of Life

What does this have to do with metaphorical dreams? I ended up having this vision in meditation; I know it sounds corny, but it really stuck with me for three months. In the meditation was a large garden. The garden is mine, and it was full of different veggies, fruits, flowers, and herbs. It was my little bit of solitude. I noticed some of the tomatoes were rotting on the vines, and other veggies were almost past there prime for harvest. I remember sitting, asking myself why I never picked them? There were wicker baskets by each bed, but nothing was in them. I felt like it was because if I harvested them, how would I know more would come? If I chose them, I would have no more tomatoes. It sounds silly, right? This became a metaphor for me. I planted seeds in my life, and I was not picking the fruits of my labor. When it came time to pick the fruit, I did it wholeheartedly and with gratitude. I didn’t want my garden to rot, and more fruit could grow after.

A New Vision on Juggling the Many Parts of My Life

Then this October, I had a new vision. I am calling it a vision because I was not meditating. I was out walking, contemplating all that I was juggling in my life. Wondering how it was all going to work out. My coach always says, how is not the right question. How is for the universe or god, not for you to figure out, but I am a planner. I like to know the plan or at least know where I am headed. It makes it easier for me to go with the flow. I feel less anxious. Can anyone else relate?

In this vision, I was weaving on a loom. I did this in grade school, so it was an easy metaphor for me. The loom had a beautiful textile full of luminous colors that created this radiant, beautiful textile. I look up, and I see these threads out in the air. I pick one and start to incorporate it in. Each line is tied to an idea, thought, or action I have been doing or thinking about. Instinctually, I know when to pull in a new cord of a different color onto the loom. Each thread is a different color, but they are surrounded in golden light. I sit and weave with ease and delight. There is no stress or panic. Is this the right thread? Will this look good, or will it clash with the other threads? What if I pick the wrong cord? None of this chatter is happening; I just know instinctively that it will weave into a harmonious piece. There is no second-guessing; it is just me weaving with colorful strings.

Why is the Loom Important?

Why is this important? What does it mean? For me, it represents my life. The textile represents my past because that has already happened. The threads out waiting to be used are connected to different parts of my life. When I grab a new string, it is me taking action or making a choice. This took me a few other times walking in the park and one late night in bed journaling to really understand this vision. Could you imagine living your life without second-guessing yourself? Trusting yourself, your intuition, your highest knowing, that the next string will seamlessly weave into your world.

Have faith and trust? Easier said than done!

I struggle with trust and faith. Doing things without a clear plan, vision, or pattern can be challenging. How can I trust this textile will look nice without a design pattern? How can I have faith it will all work out if I am just weaving these threads together without knowing what is coming next?

This has been a struggle for me for a few years. Maybe I am the only one that struggles with this idea of sailing out into the ocean without a map or jumping off a ledge without knowing if you will land safely or not.

No Wrong Move, No Wrong Thread!

I hope you can see from this vision that I had no wrong string to weave. There are always infinite threads available for you to choose from and if the one you start using has run its course, then change to a new color. Pick a new strand. Picking a new thread seems a lot less scary then changing careers, writing a will, getting out of debt, or starting a new business. Yet, they are the same thing, the art of small strings that will help make up the fabric of your life that you are weaving. Remember, the strands are small actions; choose a new story, make a new choice.

I don’t usually share these types of posts. If you really want, you can meditate, journal, or just ponder what you are weaving into your life? Do you love the threads you are weaving together, or are you ready to change the colors? You can be weaving more than one string at a time, so decided which you want and which no longer serve you! Then take a deep breath, find your center and start weaving again. You have been doing it all your life; the only difference is now you are consciously weaving.

As Miss Frizzle always says, "Take chances, make mistakes, and get messy!"

Till next time,

I would love to know what you think in the comments below! Does this resonate with you? What have you been experiencing lately? You can find me on here, Facebook, and Instagram @intuitivedesignsmc.

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