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Dowsing 101: Clearing and Harmonizing Your Home!

Hand holding copper metal rods known as cures
These are cures that are used to block energy coming into your home.

I thought I would give you a little Dowsing intro! I know it is not something many know about. So let's take a quick dip into dowsing a home!

A Quick History

Dowsing techniques are an ancient practice first used to discover water but then transformed to find energy. It is seen as both a science and an art form and has been practiced throughout the world for thousands of years.

Druids were the most well known for working with these techniques using copper to cure negative vortexes and build town squares, market places, churches, on positive vortexes.

How it works

Dowsing rods detect and cure energy in our environment that was created by disturbances to the earth's natural flow that can cause stress in your body and the space you live in. The earth supports our physical, emotional, and mental systems, but when the natural vibration of the earth is disturbed that energy becomes negative.

Dowsing allows you to find and cure those negative energy lines in your environment and remove that stress on your body, energy, and emotions. This brings a newfound harmony to your space as well as clears out all the built-up of energy in your home from a quantum level.

What are we dowsing for?

We are looking for geopathic stress lines, interference lines, negative personal lines, electromagnetic fields, and vortexes. Each of these lines causes stress to you and your space. They bring the space's energy level down which in turn brings your energy level down. When we start curing a space, we check the beginning energy level to show it is not you but your space. This will help show how much your space will impact you when we are finished. By the end, your space's energy level will increase, allowing you to go from surviving to truly thriving in your environment.

How long does it last?

It is permanent! Unless you physically remove the cures. I suggest you do a home check-up every year. Why? Because energy lines can shift. If there is a major earthquake or something else the lines may shift.

Can I still smudge or clear my space?

Yes, you absolutely can still clear your space. Some have created a ritual of space clearing they would like to keep. It will not hurt what we have done. If anything it will be like a light dusting. If it grounds you and makes you feel centered then keep doing it! But if you forget your home will still stay harmonized.

Does it help my children?

Yes, your children always benefit from living in a dowsed home. Children are very influenced by energy and sometimes lack the skills and awareness to overcome the energy they are experiencing. It is a lot even for adults at times.

Does it help my pets?

Yes, your pets are bodies of energy as well. They will also feel a positive impact from the shift in their environment. Our pets support us energetically more than we realize. When we help the space we are taking some of the weight off their shoulders. Allowing for them to have more time to relax and rejuvenate.

What about my clutter?

I know for some 2020 has been about decluttering! What we don't realize is sometimes we clutter for a reason. That reason is you are unconsciously trying to block energy from coming in or you are trying to block a negative vortex. It sounds scary but it isn't. A negative vortex is just a spot in your home that holds negative energy. No, you did not create the negative vortex. It was created from two energy lines coming together at just the right spot. Your home just happens to be on one of those spots. Once we cure the lines and vortices you should start to find it easier to clear out your clutter and less likely to keep building the clutter up!

Can I have my space dowsed from a distance?

Yes, just like with distance energy work I can also cure your home from a distance. This is perfect for right now because we are living in our space far more than we ever have before. Contactless dowsing is easy and covid safe!

I hope this gets you more excited to learn about Dowsing! I will be writing more about everything I have covered in-depth as we move through this month! Feel free to send me any questions you have on dowsing or anything else that pops into your brain!

As Ms. Frizzle always says, "take chances, make mistakes, and get messy!"

Till next time,

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