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Creating a Sacred Spot in the Home

I love nature tables. I grew up with them in grade school in the classroom. They were a place in the class that was sacred. You knew you could not play with the table; it was where we gathered for verse time. I felt at times, that was where beings would be and live. I am not talking scary beings more like fairies, gnomes, and sometimes angels and others that would be there for our highest good. The table was a place we would gather around to start our day. We would light the candle on the nature table and then sing and say our morning verse. It was a way for us to come into the classroom and get into our learning space. I loved this ritual. I am calling it a ritual because we did it every day. As the seasons change, so did the table. If there were birthdays, the nature table would magically transform for that child’s birthday celebration (lots of rainbows with a special birthday candle and a few other extras) that would only come out for birthdays. It was impressive and magical for all.

As we grew up, so did the table. When I got older I found myself creating my nature tables in my room at home. Did I know I was doing it at the time? No, not at all, but looking back, that was what I did throughout my life. I created a particular space on my bookshelf. As I moved into high school and college, there were fewer figures and photos and more rocks and candles. It gave me a place to breathe and find peace. It was where I kept my crystals and keepsakes.

Creating these tiny sacred spaces was and still is my form of solace. Some may see nature tables as an alter, but for me, it is not to anyone; it is just a place that is holy. A place that reminds me to breathe and be.

I love having these spots in the home. You and your family can create one together, or you can bring some magic in and create it while they sleep. It can be where you tell stories by or where you leave gifts for other beings or creatures. This spot can also be where you can place special items for your children like gifts from fairies or notes from the dusty, cleaning gnome.

I love placing a candle there, too. I learned to light candles on our nature tables in school. That is where I learned about the harmony of nature and light. Lighting a candle can transform the space from chaotic to peaceful, all with the light of a match. I can visualize a room of screaming children, grabbing a book out off a shelf, and bringing the children around this table. Even as they fuss, I grab the matches and make a dramatic light of the candle while I stay quiet. Not reacting to what the children are doing, just keeping my inner peace and letting it all happen. Then I sit down and either hit a chime or start reading the story I chose off the shelf. I just transformed the space. By capturing the child's attention in a new way, I changed the mood of the room. Breathing into the light and space allows everyone to pick up the new energy you created at the spot. You might think it is a great vision, but no way that would happen in real life.

You might be surprised by the power of a small sacred nature spot. If you believe it holds magic, so will your children. They will not only see it but feel it. When you walk into a temple or church, do you feel the energy change? When you walk into a sacred space, you feel it. You have the power to create that in your home. So as the days go by, think of where you would palace it. I have linked you to my Pinterest page of nature tables. You will see it doesn’t have to be a table. It can be a bookshelf, window sill, by a fireplace, any spot visible in one part of the home. You can choose where it goes in your home. I like areas that are easily seen but also a little out of the way. What you place in this spot can be as simple or complex as you wish. For years I just had a few crystals, a candle, and something that reminded me of a season. Sometimes I add fairies, gnomes, dragons, or items I find on nature walks like nuts, leaves, and rocks. There is no right or wrong way to do it, so create a sacred spot in your home. Try it out to see how you like it. You might catch yourself breathing into that space when the noise level rises, and your patience starts to fall.

As Miss Frizzle always says. "Take chances, make mistakes, and get messy!"

I would love to see your nature tables! Please, tag me on Facebook or Instagram @intuitivedesignsmc so I can see your magical spots!

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