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Bedtime Lighting with Children!

Bedtime lighting, setting the mood.

Let’s talk lighting! I am all about lighting in a home. Why do you ask? Lights play a key role in

our bodies and mind. Many studies show how lights can influence us from computer screens to red lights at night before bed. Think about the early morning hours when the sun is rising and your bedroom slowly fills with light and how much easier it is to wake up (unless you are a teenager and can sleep through anything!). Or if you live in the midwest in the winter and it is pitch black in the morning making it incredibly hard to wake up.

Now think of after-dinner lighting. Your children have just finished eating, it is too early for bed but they are starting to get the tired sillies. That moment where you know that one wrong move or fall or even just you saying bedtime may or may not cause them to cry and cry and cry. Or in the summer when it is still light out at 8 pm and they have no interest in falling asleep. Now, think about the rooms in which you are all in after dinner. It may be the living room or a playroom but what is the lighting like? Are all the lights on in the house? Well duh Mary, it’s dark out! When you get ready for bed do you have all the lights on? Or do you have some side lamps on but that is about it? Why is that?

I can tell you why! You are telling your brain and your body, “Hey, it is time for sleep soon.” So now it is time to do it for your children. Maybe you already do this but take a look and observe your lighting in your home specifically after the children have dinner. Just observe! No judgment on your part and don’t should yourself to death. Just observe. Then slowly think about ways you can adjust the lighting.

Standing lamps, side lamps, putting dimmer switches on your ceiling lights are all easy ways to set the mood. Also, look into your light bulbs! Some light bulbs have day time light or bright white light. When you look at these do you feel stimulated? My guess is yes. Children pick up on these light cues, too!

So now that I have talked your ear off go forth and try! Have fun with it and explore the light in your home. Notice your children and their behavior as you slowly start changing the lighting at night. It may be a gradual change but just notice how it feels. I hope this helps inspire you to create a space that supports you and your family!

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