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At Home Movie Night

Who here has ever felt guilty for letting their children watch "too much" tv? 

I have so been there! But sometimes you need to do it. It is either the kids are tired and crabby or you are tired and crabby or just everyone is exhausted and needs a break.

I have an activity for you! 

Movie night of Movie day

Yes, very original, I know. But hear me out. When we are intentional with our life we feel accomplished and less guilty. So give you and your family permission to rest. If you have a few dollars laying around and want to sweeten the deal go to Target or Walmart or anywhere that sells movie candy for a dollar. I went to target. There was a huge selection of options of $1 candy boxes. 

Part of the fun of going to the movies was eating the candy. Each person can choose one if you want. Or if you would rather not bring your whole family down the candy aisle (I get it) then just you go! I know COVID is still limiting us and I don't want anyone to feel they have to do this part. Just create an in-home movie experience. 

You can get a special treat like Dots pretzels. I know you can get them Minnesota. I warn you now, they are addicting and you will want to eat the whole bag. Grab some fun drinks and boom you have your very own in-home movie theater. 

Choose a movie and get ready to relax. You can all even get into Pajamas, too. All of this sounds like I am pointing out the obvious but think about it. When you bring intention into vegging out on the couch with your family you might feel lighter.  It feels more like family time and less like you are doing something wrong in the eyes of society. Want to take this to the next level and you have some time to plan this out more? Get everyone a fun onesie. I did this for a friend for her birthday. We got onesies, all the fun candy, dot's pretzels, and made the orange Julius drink from one of my past blogs. I will link it here. We chose a movie and the rest was just a relaxing evening filled with snacks, fun, and laughter. We now have great memories to boot.  

I hope this inspires you to have your own movie day or night. Make it as extravagant as you want. If all you can handle is pjs, a movie, and whatever snacks you have in your home do it! There is no right or wrong just have fun and relax

Note: This is a great time to put the phones down and leave them on the charger. I found I feel more rested and present when my phone is someplace else. Now if this is a big ask, I get it and I won't judge you if you keep it by you while having movie night. Just think about what purpose it is serving at that time.  

Have a great time at the movies! Rest and enjoy some family time. 

As Miss Frizzle always says, “Take change, make mistakes, and get messy!”


As always feel free to tag me in your adventures. I would love to see how movie night goes for your family!

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