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Hi and Welcome to my blog!

I am so happy to have you here. I hope these posts inspire and spark new ideas for you and your family. No matter where you are in life, having tools and resources are always helpful. There is no manual on how to live your best life or raise a family. Sure, people have written self-help books and parenting books, but sometimes you see something from a different perspective with a short post. Most don’t have time to read a full book, let alone become an expert in one specific field unless that is your career.

My name is Mary-Catherine and I have a studio art degree from St. Olaf College. My background has led me to create this blog. I grew up in a Waldorf school and loved every moment of that experience. If you are not familiar with Waldorf, fear not, it is similar to a Montessori school. There are differences in ideology and curriculum but still very similar schools of thought and ways of teaching. It has always been my dream to raise my children in a Waldorf school. Do I have children? Yes, and no. No, I do not have any biological children yet, but I have grown up surrounded by children and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

In college, I was interested in teaching, psychology, and art. In my heart, I knew I wanted to morph all these interests into one. Cue a summer PCA job that led me to the world of autism therapy. The summer going into my senior year of college I was offered a job as a direct service provider for an Autism therapy company. This was a play-based therapy company with a little ABA therapy mixed in that centered on not only helping the child but working with his/her community as well. I had the honor to work with families and see them in all aspects of life to help problem solve and troubleshoot day to day life. I had the privilege of going to the children’s homes and schools, creating activities for families, and supporting the family. It was a huge job and I enjoyed every moment of it.

I was also a camp counselor in Maine the summer after my senior year of college. This was a time of discovery for me. I worked with kids of all ages from many different backgrounds. I was the lead art counselor and had a cabin of 12 campers that I was “Mom” to for the summer. I expanded my teaching skills and saw how much of an impact summer camps have on children and families.

A few years later, I expanded into the corporate world working on a marketing team. I never lost my love for working with families and children. I still yearn to share all I have learned these past few years and discover new ways to support families.

I am by no means an expert in any of these areas. I am here to help collect all that I can to help support You! I am by no means a medical doctor or a psychologist. Bearing in mind that I am not a medical professional, I always encourage consulting with medical and psychology practitioners as needed. I would never get open heart surgery done from someone who loves watching ER or Gray’s Anatomy and youtube videos. It is just not a thing. My intention is to provide a space to spark ideas for you to expand your tools in your tool belt and give you new avenues to look into.

Here is my promise to you. I promise to be open and honest with you. I promise to share my stories and tools that have helped me in the past and present. I will be speaking to experts and interviewing them for some of these posts when opportunities arise. I will list and link to them when I do because You should be allowed to have all these resources at your fingertips. This is not supposed to be some crazy scavenger hunt, although those are really fun and I have created a few of those in my day. I want this to help support YOU and your family. You will find tools I used while providing therapy to children, art ideas for children of all ages, Walfdor inspired posts, and spiritual posts too. I am not here to judge or shame because that has never served anyone and it certainly won't serve you. I am here to help support you however I can. I am also a professional Dowser who works with the energy of a home and I love to help people create a balanced harmonious spaces. I really am looking at the mind, body, and spirit of the family.

I am also talking to all the people out there who don’t have a typical family unit. I will celebrate with you and support you however I can. I hope you feel seen and supported here. Thank you for coming by and I can’t wait to share with you all I have rolling around in my head and art journals. Let me just hint it is a lot!

As Miss Frizzle always says "Take Chances, Make Mistakes, and Get Messy!"

Till next time!


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