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My Top Picks

I feel it is very important to not only to nurture your space but also your mind, body, and spirit! Here is a group of people and services that have helped me go from surviving to thriving! I have personally worked with each person on my own journey.  There skills and gifts are out of this world. 
Yellow Water Lily


Life Coach

Nea Clare, a Life coach and channel. Nea takes a personal approach to help you when you are right at your edge ready to take the leap. She has helped me take huge leaps in my life. 

Photo Credit: Eliesa Johnson


Quantum Rings

Quantum Healing Rings and More

Annette Rugolo is a master of her craft. She teaches many different healing modalities. She works with quantum energy and light frequency to help heal you and your environment.  

Photo Credit: Mary-Catherine Hartel



Acupuncture and Cupping

A knowledgable group of women trained in the art of acupuncture and cupping to name just a few of there services. I always come out feeling rejuvenated.

Photo Credit: Eliesa Johnson



Handmade homeopathic remedies and skincare

Created by Allison Austin, she provides well-made remedies and everyday products that are organic, handmade, and support your whole body. She uses nothing but the best and finds a lot of her ingredients in nature. 

Photo Credit: Allison Austin



Hands on Healing and More

Craig Hartel is a hands on healer who has trained at length with a shaman in Peru. He is able to help with chronic pain, past life healings, vision quests, and more.

Photo Credit: Mary-Catherine Hartel

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