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"Are you ready to thrive in a space that supports you?"
Open Window

In-person dowsing will be an on-site experience.  Mary-Catherine will meet you at your space and walk through your house with you. Using her rods, she will find where the different energy lines are coming into your space and cure them. She will explain how these different lines can affect you in your environment and give you a better understanding of how your space was affecting you. 

Price: $450


Distance house dowsing will be done without Mary-Catherine being in the space. She will ask you to provide specific details about your environment and for the blueprints of your space.  She will then sit down and map out where the energy lines are coming from and provide you with the correct cures to cure your space with her guidance. This is great for people who are not in the Twin Cities, MN! 

Price: $350

Cozy Room
Quantum Space Clearing
This is Quantum Space clearing clears out all old energy that no longer serves. Mary-Catherine works on the quantum field to connect with your home to clean out the old energy in your space. She will open up portals to help release deeply embedded energy. She will take you through a meditation that will give you a renewed space. This clearing is deeper than using smudging, burning palo santo, or other clearing techniques. This is Quantum Space clearing will be conducted over the phone. 
We deep clean our home physically each year and it is good to do energetically, too. It will improve the feel of your home help bring harmony, flow and balance into your home. Lift up you, your family, and pets. 

Price: $50

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