Help with Bored Kids and Full Toy Rooms

When I was working in both a Waldorf and public classrooms I noticed as the seasons would change so did the toys in the classroom. The teachers never announced the toys were gone because there were always other toys to play with. What I noticed was the children were never bored in the classroom playing. Now think about your home. Think about all the toys you have out for your children to play with. Are there some they don’t play with as much? Or some, if you had go away for a while, they wouldn’t even bat an eyelash about? We all know the tooth fairy comes at night, right? Well, so can the toy fairy. No, I am not saying tell your kids the toy fairy came and took their toys away. But what you

Spray Paint Art for Teens

Age: Teens Family activity with adult supervision Indoor and Outdoor Activity Spray Paint Art with Tape! Ingredients A canvas of any size or shape OR Thick heavy paper you can paint on. Acrylic paint (I recommend acrylic but you can use any type) Blue Tape or any type of type that will easily peel off. Any size or color is up to you! Paintbrush or pallet knife Spray paint! Any color you want! Cardboard or paper bags Steps Using your palette knife and or paintbrush paint your canvas! Go wild and have fun. Let it dry. Acrylic dries very quickly but make sure it is fully dry so your tape doesn't peel off the paint! Next, create a design with your blue tape. You can do any type of design just kn

Visual Timers to Ease Summer Homework

Age: 8+ Learning Tool When I started working in the autism world as a PCA (Personal Care Assistant) I remember being shown visual timers. This timer came in really handy when we would request the children to do a task they disliked. Usually, it was picking up toys, or brushing teeth, or even “time outs.” When you think about it time is a hard concept to grasp and if you can have a visual instead that can help children understand and feel more in control of the situation. It can help them feel confident the task will end. Does this solve all the problems in the world? No, not even close but I remember it being an amazing tool that I still love to use. Why am I bringing this up?! Summer is usu

Splash Pad Adventures at Home!

One of my favorite activities to do during the summer with children is going to splash pads. I love going to them because they are free and they are a great way to break up hot summer days. Now with COVID being still very prevalent, I was searching for a way to bring the splash pads home. We have had quite a few 90 degree days and being able to run around even for a little bit outside can help give parents time to chill and children time to get their energy out. Here are a few ideas I found out for you! They do require spending some money but hopefully, you can find deals, or see it as a summer investment that you can use all summer long! 1. A small scale splash pad. Now, I have not persona

Affirmation Stations! The Empowerment of Family Walks with Affirmations

I was scrolling through Instagram stories mindlessly watching the time slip by. I do this sometimes when I stumbled upon a woman whose stories I love to follow. What I saw made my heart soar! I watched as Jasna Burza, her husband and two little boys biked down a path. You might be thinking, what’s the big deal people bike all the time. They were not just biking they were saying family affirmations. Each person would say out loud one affirmation like I am smart and the rest of the family would echo this statement, “I am smart.” Then it was the next person’s turn, “I am strong!” the family would echo that back. Of course, I messaged Jasna asking if I could share this with you all! She was deli

Orange Dreamsicle

Family drink recipe All ages Indoor activity Serves: 4 Orange Dreamsicle with Less Sugar, From Medical Medium 3 bananas (if you have two frozen and one fresh that is great too) 1 cup of orange juice 1 cup of coconut water 1 tsp of Vanilla Extract or seeds from 1/4th of a vanilla bean Bunch of ice (pick your drink adventure!) Place all the ingredients in a blender and blend till smooth. Grab a glass if your consistency is more liquidy then smoothie add ice. The colder this drink the better. Then enjoy! Feel free to tag me on Facebook and Instagram @intuitivedesignsmc I would love to see photos of this! One part of me that many might not know is I don’t eat a ton of processed sugar. Why you as

About Me

Hi and Welcome to my blog! I am so happy to have you here. I hope these posts inspire and spark new ideas for you and your family. No matter where you are in life, having tools and resources are always helpful. There is no manual on how to live your best life or raise a family. Sure, people have written self-help books and parenting books, but sometimes you see something from a different perspective with a short post. Most don’t have time to read a full book, let alone become an expert in one specific field unless that is your career. My name is Mary-Catherine and I have a studio art degree from St. Olaf College. My background has led me to create this blog. I grew up in a Waldorf school and

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