Dowsing 101


"Have you heard of Dowsing? Well, let me tell you it is better than sliced bread."

A Quick History

Dowsing techniques are an ancient practice first used to discover water but then transformed to find energy. It is seen as both a science and an art form and has been practiced throughout the world for thousands of years. 

Druids were the most well known for working with these techniques using copper to cure negative vortexes and build town squares, market places, churches, on positive vortexes. 

How it works 

Dowsing rods detect and cure energy in our environment that was created by disturbances to the earth's natural flow that can cause stress in your body and the space you live in. The earth supports our physical, emotional, and mental systems, but when the natural vibration of the earth is disturbed that energy becomes negative. 

Dowsing allows you to find and cure those negative energy lines in your environment and remove that stress on your body and the others in your environment.  This not only helps your physical body but helps enhance your brain waves allowing for more light to filter in, causing you to have a more positive experience in your environment. 

What are we dowsing for?

We are looking for geopathic stress lines, interference lines, negative personal lines, electromagnetic fields, and vortexes.  Each of these lines causes stress to you and your space. They bring the space's energy level down which in turn brings your energy level down. When we start curing a space, we check the beginning energy level to show it is not you but your space. This will help show how much your space will impact you when we are finished. By the end, your space's energy level will increase, allowing you to go from surviving to truly thriving in your environment. 

How long does it last? 

It is permanent! Unless you physically remove the cures. I suggest you do a home check-up every year. Why? Because energy lines can shift. If there is a major earthquake or something else the lines may shift. 

Can I still smudge or clear my space? 

Yes, you absolutely can still clear your space. Some have created a ritual of space clearing they would like to keep. It will not hurt what we have done. If anything it will be like a light dusting. If it grounds you and makes you feel centered then keep doing it! But if you forget your home will still stay harmonized.